Exhibition curated by Mary George
August 2012


Ronin Cho
Meryl Donoghue
David George
Melissa Henderson
Rae Hicks
Kai Kim
Hannah Luxton
Sophie Percival
Spencer Rowell

Admittedly, the intention was to celebrate the infinite potential of mankind, but the result is a collection of thoughts that reflect the consequences of human nature on land and man.

Perhaps it is the need to create,
Destruct and  narrate,
Instructed by impulse
To rationalize,
the definite against the indeterminable
To be graceful in flight and descent
To erase an eye sore
To manipulate the power of seduction
and the threat of repulsion
To be complete,
It is a long way up the hierarchy of needs
And yet, perhaps,
the only fear is to be
One of the Forgotten*