The Humble Black Line

Group exhibition

April 2018


Alexey Sukhoveev

Cale De Iser 

Carla Chaim 

Robert Kelly 

Paul Deller 

Jonathan Meyer 

Pablo Picasso 

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska

Michael Neville Seward Snow

Louise Fishman 

Giorgio Morandi 

Piet Mondrian  

Rodrigo Sassi  

Tom Leamon

Becky Allen

Gabriel Orozco 

L.S. Lowry

Over the last 11 years of organising exhibitions, a lot of the young and established artists we have showcased and worked with have claimed as inspiration the line, techniques, style and draughtsmanship of older 20th century masters, from Malevich to Picasso and Lowry to Mondrian.

In an in-house curated exhibition we present for the first time represented and guest contemporary artists in conversation with some of the masters who’s “line” inspires or has inspired their work. Rarely seen pieces from the private collection of the gallery owners will hang alongside contemporary works, some especially created for this exhibition.